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{ about me }

Welcome folks, I'm Johannes Schick - a young enthusiastic guy from Böheimkirchen, Austria. Currently, I'm studying Media Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten.

Since I was 14, I knew that the IT-World is a huge, inspiring working environment where you can build amazing applications for joy or to make your daily life easier. Personally, I love exploring programming languages and turn code into something users enjoy working with.

My programming skills include both front-end and back-end languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP and C#. If you're interested in having a motivated partner for various programming projects, feel free to contact me!

All the best,

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{ projects }

Don't be shy! Take a look at some of my recent work.

Business Projects

University Projects

Theaterverein Klein & Lustig - Website Project

This website was developed by me and my colleagues in the 3rd semester. Klein und Lustig is a theatre association from Lower Austria, where we had the challenge to create a complete new Corporate Identity.

First, we had to create design concepts in order to get an idea of what the website should look like. When the design process was finished, we began to realize our thoughts with Wordpress. On the one hand we used a lot of plugins to visualize our concepts, on the other hand we had to customize the Default-CSS and even had to hardcode the PHP-Loops of the chosen Wordpress-Theme.


FRAEM Productions - Website Project

This website was designed and developed from scratch by me and my project partner Kevin Pirner.


Tetris recreated with UNITY and C# - University Project

This game was developed by me in the 2nd semester. Our task was to create a simple game with Unity and either JavaScript or C# as programming language.

The first task was to build the different levels and to create the graphics. Then I had the challenge to put some logic into the levels. I chose C# as my programming language, since it is very similar to Java and in my perspective quite easy to handle. In further consequence I created a grid system with C# which made it possible to track where the block is floating at the moment and when a row has to be deleted.


PHP-Forum with MySQL Database - University Project

In the 3rd Semester I had the challenge to create a simple forum which should be connected to a MySQL-database. I chose Dreamweaver as my working environment because you can connect directly to your server and work while it's automatically updated.

On the one hand this project contained a university intern database where I had to add tables manually and content dynamically. On the other hand I had to develop a website, where users are able to create new users and passwords or to log in with existing usernames. Furthermore I had to create an admin user, who is able to delete or edit existing articles.


Mini Photoshop created with Eclipse - University Project

This project was developed during the 3rd semester and includes a Photoshop-like program. Eclipse was our working environment during the whole semester and offers a lot of cool features for developers.

The program itself contains the possibility to load images, color-filters, a histogram for the basic colors Red/Green/Blue and a zoom panel. It includes a main class, a class for the color options and a class for the histogram.


Hotel Booking- & Administration - University Project

In the end of the 3rd semester we had to develop a PHP-based Tool with MySQL-Database in the background. Like in my first PHP project, I chose Dreamweaver as working environment.

This tool offers possibilities for both customers and administrators. On the customers side it offers the chance to book a package with a form, which transfers the input data to the database and also sends an e-mail with an automatically generated PDF-file to the customer. On the administrators side it offers the possibility to update/delete existing packages, create new packages, search for customers (and delete their bookings) and to create new users for the administration environment.


{ contact }

Please use the form below to get in contact with me. :)